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Manta and Dude - Trust by TheAuty-sama
Manta and Dude - Trust
Lineart...I have no idea the credit. If you know it, tell me so I can give credit.

This is part of a whole set of pictures which depicts the moment these otaku scouts fell in love.

Manta is a young gothic woman who finds it very difficult to trust anyone, and when the preppy track jock Dude begins showing obvious desire to get to know her better, she's more than a little skeptical. Over time, he shares with her he's very interested in the Gothic subculture, she scoffs at him, saying he has to feel it, not just be interested. He eventually dives head long into it, and impresses her with his dedication to both her, and the culture he now hones as his own.
Jonas and Fana - Inappropriate love by TheAuty-sama
Jonas and Fana - Inappropriate love
Lineart...I have no idea the credit. If you know it, tell me so I can give credit.

This is part of a whole set of pictures which depicts the moment these otaku scouts fell in love., Jonas is a preppy guy from America who comes to Silver Tokyo for a foreign exchange project thing, and he meets the busty gangero Fana. ...It's sort of that's simple. XD He slowly falls into true love with her, but the initial is as simple as 'boy meets girl...with large breasts.' >.>;
Azuma and Cho - It was you by TheAuty-sama
Azuma and Cho - It was you
Lineart...I have no idea the credit. If you know it, tell me so I can give credit.

This is part of a whole set of pictures which depicts the moment these otaku scouts fell in love.

So, Cho is a little rich girl, and Azuma is a construction worker that works for her father. She starts to fall for him and tries to get him to accompany her to her prom. He ends up rejecting the offer because his guardian cat is against it because he 'need to find your sailor scout to make yourself stronger.' as he's a Sailor Knight, and 'you'll just end up breaking that girl's heart. Besides, you have plans to do rounds that night.' She takes it personally and think he isn't interested, refusing to listen to him say otherwise.

On the night in question, she's attacked by a youma and when he saves her, she's a bit off-put when he tries to get up on her because he sees a symbol glow on her forehead, signifying she's his sailor scout. He de-transforms, revealing himself to her, and tells her 'It was you... It was always you...'


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I tirade things that the obsession and fandom of which gets to me a little too much. So, just to clarify:

Yes, I have a life. A very full one, actually. I'm a co-book writer, a mother, a caretaker of my mother, my own artist, agent, and half way my own manager, among other things.

Yes, I watch other things. I like all of the Law & Order's except for CI, The Big Bang Theory, several anime, American Horror Story, and movies like The Fault in Our Stars and Lovely Bones.

I simply evaluate everything I watch. Everything. I find it fun and interesting to pick apart what they would have been thinking at the time, and I find it beneficial to my career, as it helps me understand how other writers thing, and how they follow their characters.

I relate what I watch to reality, and how it would fit there, and grade it on how well it can do so; like many people do. It's only that I have the luck of being able to apply real live science to it, like psychology and how the mind works, where as not everyone can do that, and normally only have their opinions to work off of. It's a gift and a curse because I argue with people facts, and they often try to shoot them down with opinions, which irritated the less mature part of my mind into an argument, or makes me simply give up and offer 'live and let live'; which is generally unsatisfying. But it's not easy to change someone's mind when they WANT to believe what's already made a nest in their mind.

I'm sorry is this sounds arrogant. Most people who state facts they know come across as such. Albert Einstien, for example, is literally one of the only scientists to come across as arrogant (mostly just because he was very aloof and laid back, and, in his words, 'If people want to live in arrogance, let them.' I'm not as wise as he, and constantly try to correct ignorance where I find it. And, for those of you who don't know, ignorant is not an insult. Stupid is an insult. Ignorant simply means you don't know something. :)

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